Love Saves The Day Foundation is an independent Foundation with a difference.

Our aim is to help organisations achieve their financial target through charity crowd funding.

We plan to use some of the marketing and technology industry’s most talented people across the globe to help us promote each project, enabling those who we support to achieve their financial goals as quickly as possible.

We believe our Charity Crowd Funding Grant programme will empower the public to co/fund our grants to projects across the developing world, encouraging support and involvement.

We focus on projects within the Commonwealth of Nations, with a particular focus on Enterprise Development through micro-funding business opportunities, Women and children’s healthcare and welfare, Youth Education and Sports Development. To that end, our main programmes support:

Enterprise Development

support to help the economically disadvantaged and those without access to the banking and lending institutions build and create wealth and business opportunities in developing nations.

Women and Children

support for research and the provision of improved healthcare services in developing nations.

Youth Education

support for the improvement of education and skills development in both primary and secondary-level, especially amongst girls and young women.

Sport Development

supporting the promotion of sports programmes and sporting scholarship initiatives for young men and women.