Federation of Lesotho Women Entrepreneurs




Donation by Arron Banks

The Federation of Lesotho Women Entrepreneurs is an independent umbrella body for women’s economic empowerment with an overarching objective of facilitating as much as possible, all Basotho women and women entrepreneurs into mainstream economic activity nationally, regionally and globally, as well as influencing relevant policy, legislation and implementation thereof.

It is committed to strengthening women entrepreneurs to assist entry and sustainability in all markets, in line with local and global treaties that Lesotho is a party to.

The FLWE mentors and guides women to achieve excellence in business, encourages them to be supportive of each other and be energised as members as of the Federation individually or collectively.

The Federation of Lesotho Women Entrepreneurs (FLWE) is present and active in all the ten districts of Lesotho and has individuals, companies and affiliate associations in its membership. The membership represents the transport, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, food, services, art and crafts and professionals etc. The association also affiliates and network with local and external bodies which help achieve its mandate in fulfilling the needs and interests of the members.

The Federation of Lesotho Women Entrepreneurs (FLWE) has a membership of about 30 000 people, mostly women but more recently included men and youth.

The purpose of the FLWE is to Grow the Economy Together.


Arron Banks has:

  • Directly injected over R600 000.00 seed-funding into several projects to get them up and running.
  • Sponsored international travel for members of the FLWE to enable broader perspective and engender cross cultural skills transfer.
  • Provides ongoing support and training for the future development of the FLWE including branding, motivation and management.

Mrs Magdalene Rakuoane is the President of the FLWE and has expressed her and the FLWE’s gratitude for Mr Banks’ assistance and investment.

I have never known a person with such a big heart. Mr Banks has no reason to invest in us or our future. Lesotho is such a small country and is often forgotten and overlooked. So to
have a champion on our side is such a blessing. I don’t know what we would have done without him. We will do everything in our power to make a success of the projects that he has helped fund.
Thank you, Mr Banks. May God bless you and your family...”
— Mrs Magdalene Rakuoane, President of the FLWE

Projects Love Saves The Day has funded include:

Green house/tunnel farming

Members have secured a site at Koung Morija of about 20 hectares and have signed a lease agreement for ten years with the respective owners of the land. Payment for connection of utilities water (borehole) and electricity has been made. The electricity company has already installed electricity, whilst the borehole contractor is yet to commence work. Members have also collected M800,000.00 and continue to contribute for the purchase of 14 tunnels of 40m x 10 m capacity.

The plan is to grow high value cash crops as well as to produce and supply the cannery with tomatoes. A contract has been signed with the Mountain Kingdom Cannery for the guaranteed supply.

Pig Farming

The piggery project is taking place in partnership with Lesotho nationals residing in South Africa and a shareholder in WIPHOLD (PTY) Ltd. Sites have been identified in Mafeteng (Ha Mojela) and another site in Maseru (Masianokeng) has been secured for the construction of the pigpen and slaughter plant. Members have started contributing to raise capital for investment in the project.

The organisation has a working relationship with South African Poultry Producers Organisation and have committed to training members on production. Members have been invited to SAPPO annual conference in Cape Town in September, 2015.

Textile Manufacturing

Approximately 100 members have been trained in textile manufacturing such as sewing and intend to start their own manufacturing satellite factory. They have completed their apprentice ship at a Chinese garment factory and intend on establishing their own factories in Maputsoe and Thetsane Industrial areas.

Currently these members are working from home and business premises in Maseru. With their new skills, they have been able to expand their product offering and have attracted new clients, especially in the corporate sector to produce staff uniforms. They have also started their own fund with which will serve as a deposit for the satellite firm.


There are currently financial challenges with the farm houses and abattoir which have halted operations. The plan to expand production by 50 farm houses has been put on hold due to the operational challenges experienced and the funding will be committed to address the immediate pressing issues and recapitalise the operations.

The FLWE leadership is in the process of preparing a buyout of the existing shareholder and a bailout plan.

The FLWE National Executive Committee has an action plan to resume operations and all parties have agreed to a six month period for the preparation and finalisation of the buy-out and transition in the company. During this time there will be an audit to establish the current financial status of the company, handing over and ancillary matters.

Beekeeping for honey and propolis

Currently members are still continuing with small scale production. They are currently undergoing training at the Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation on bee keeping and scaling up production capacity in preparation for large scale production to feed into the envisaged honey processing plant.

Hatchery – Plymouth Barred Rock Chickens

The project has resumed hatching of the highly specialised and in demand chick for market and household organic egg production. The incubator that was last reported broken has been fixed. Members are still pursuing their plans to expand by investing in a bigger incubating machine to meet the high demand.

Other Projects

The organisation and members continues to seek other investment opportunities in
the following sectors/industries: 

  • Animal Feed Mill
  • Rabbit Farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Water Bottling
  • Hatchery Broiler Chicken